5ive Reasons To Hire A Freelancer

5ive reasons to hire a freelancer

1. The Cost

Let’s start with the obvious reason, anyone who requires a website has considered at one point.

Freelance web design doesn’t have anything like the overheads of an agency, such as office space, staff and everything else that comes with running a company. So here is an immediate and tangible saving that you as a client can make as this cost-saving by the freelancer is passed on.

2. Simplicity

It’s easy for your project to become one of many when employing an agency for your project.

Many agencies tend to have at least one “flagship” client who demands more of their time and effort than all of the other “smaller” clients and often they’re paying for the privilege so naturally, agencies will always find more time for these clients and perhaps a little less for the smaller jobs.

A general rule of thumb with most freelancers is that they tend to work from project to project or have only a couple of projects active which means a greater level of focus on yours.

3. I'm always here

Freelance is a tough business, I work irregular hours to compete, often more than the 5 days a week my agency counterparts work and as such you’ve got a much better chance of pushing your project through quickly with a freelancer who may opt to work on it outside of traditional office hours.

This isn’t to say that all freelancers work 24-7 of course! We’re still human and like free time as much as the next person!

4. Your project is more important to a freelancer

This may sound like a bold statement but freelancers tend to work from project to project, so yours will more often than not be the most important thing they’re working on.

Agencies tend to operate with more clients and prioritise work differently, often based on the size of the client. If your project is competing for attention with a £10k+ website launch there’s a real danger your project may move down the todo list in favour of the big multinational company account who have demanded a launch day for a new promotion at short notice.

5. Speed

Dealing directly with the freelancer who is working on your project often shortens the time to completion of your project.

There’s no chain involved in getting your requirements implemented and changes can be done straight away rather than falling into the inbox of a designer in an agency who may have 20 other jobs their boss has asked them to complete by the end of the day.

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